Daily SG: 21 Apr 2016

Credit: SGAG

Regardless of Race, Language or Religion

– Din Merican: Zakir Naik: Peace Preacher or Hate Monger

Transport Woes

– The Middle Ground: More expert tips to fix MRT – but will it cause fares to go up?

AHPETC All Over Again

– The Online Citizen: AHTC chairman, Pritam Singh refutes PAP MP, Charles Chong’s comments on sinking funds

This is Singapore. There is no free Press (Cherian George)

– Yahoo! SG: Singapore falls in World Press Freedom Index for fourth consecutive year

Lee Wei Ling vs Everyone

– Thoughts of a Cynical Investor: Cybernut Land got new hero/ Harry’s a complex man
– Anyhow Hantam: Sorry But No Sympathy For Dr Lee Wei Ling

Technology Bytes

– Vulcan Post: Shit Is Getting Real: SMRT Is Introducting 24-Seaters Driverless Cars End Of This Year In Singapore
– DKSG: Apple Pay now in Singapore

Daily Disclosure

– AMD Pronunciation Studio: 18 English Words You Should Use With Caution (When in Ang Mo Countries)
– Global Citizen: Singapore is about more than chewing gum
– Vulcan Post: 10 Productivity Apps To Match Each Hustler’s Personal Working Habits
– Tan Kin Lian: Condominiums in Singapore
– crazyrandomchatter: Poor kid in the PCF alleged molest case

A Vote For Change

– Five Stars and a Moon: 5 SDP policies that are dangerous for the economy
– 2ECONDSIGHT: Dynastic Meritocracy vs Meritocratic Dynasty?

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