Daily SG: 26 Apr 2016

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Educate Our Youth

– crazyrandomchatter: Do you know Carole Tan, the principal of THAT childcare centre?
– PetuniaLee™: Natural Selection Into Secondary

Regardless of Race, Language or Religion

– Balderdash: Fact Checking Sangeetha Thanapal’s Lies (Again)

The Elected Presidency

– Illusio: New Elected Presidency for Singapore: Is an update or rethink really needed?

Singaporeans are NOT Xenophobic

– Mothership.sg: Singaporean freelance journalist claims there is apartheid in Singapore

Bukit Batok By Election

– Mothership.sg: SDP responds to Lina Chiam’s statement about SDP’s use of Chiam See Tong’s image
– The Independent Singapore: ‘No vote no upgrading’? WP’s Leon Perera slams PAP’s Murali Pillai’s ‘carrot’ for Bukit Batok voters
– the singapore beacon: Ditch Dr Chee And Make SDP Great Again!
– The Online Citizen: Is Murali giving a false impression that residents will not get improvement plans if he is not elected?

Transport Woes

– Diary of a Singaporean Cabby: Thank you Uber, GrabTaxi, Hailo and EasyTaxi.
– A Winsome Life: I Drove Uber For 3 Weeks and This Is What I Think!

Pink Dot 2016

– The Independent Singapore: Pastor slams Pink Dot’s video as ‘deceptive’ attempt at normalising same-sex relationships

Lee Wei Ling vs Everyone

– Thoughts of a Cynical Investor: Is Harry’s daughter the real hagiographer?

Foreign Affairs

– My Singapore News: OBOR – Strategic irrelevance

Daily Disclosure

– TechinAsia: This entrepreneur brought in $250m last year. Here’s her advice to women founders
– Dollars and Sense: What Every Young Person Needs To Know About Financial Planning
– S M Ong: Too hot: Bad news for durian lovers, especially if you live in Choa Chu Kang

It’s the economy, stupid!

– Yahoo! SG: Many Singaporeans still dissatisfied with housing market: survey
– SG Wealth Builder: Retrenchments in Singapore

Uniquely Singapore

– SETHLUI.COM: 30 Best Midnight Supper Spots in Singapore For Hungry Insomniacs

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