Daily SG: 19 May 2016

Credit: SGAG

Bukit Batok By-Election: Aftermath

– crazyrandomchatter: SDP is re-liar-ble in misrepresenting statistics
– Thoughts of a Cynical Investor: Dr Chee fixed Chiam in the 1990s
– The Online Citizen: Residents share thoughts on Bukit Batok by-election

Transport Woes

– TechinAsia: Uber single-handedly driving up COE prices in Singapore
– TREmeritus: LTA draws flak for poorly worded ad campaign

Benjamin Lim

– The Middle Ground: The difference between ‘brush’ & ‘touch’
– My Singapore News: Benjamin Lim’s death – Who caused it?

Foreign Affairs

– My Singapore News: Pope Francis slammed western fallacies

Foreigners In Our Midst

– the singapore beacon: Should Maids Be Housed In Dormitories?

Daily Disclosure

– The Independent Singapore: Be careful about adding family members as joint-owners of your HDB flat, Halimah warns
– Dollars and Sense: 4 Things You Need To SERIOUSLY Consider Before Taking Up A Scholarship
– freedom to think: [Guest Post] Couches Build Character
– The Revolutioner: For Sellers: How to Spot or Identify Shitty Buyers on Carousell SG

Uniquely Singapore

– Balderdash: Changi Village Nasi Lemaks Compared
– Seksi Matashutyrmouf: East Coast Park

Technology Bytes

– Vulcan Post: Hungry? How About Having An Uber Deliver Your Meals!

Investment Matters

– Ryan Goh: Retail rental woes and REITs
– Money Smart Blog: 3 Good Habits That Stop You From Wasting Money on the Things You Buy

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