Daily SG: 2 Jun 2016

Credit: SMRT Feedback by The Vigilanteh

Transport Woes

– the singapore beacon: The MRT Saga : Until The Khaw Comes Home
– crazyrandomchatter: It’s our fault that the MRT keeps breaking down. We shall repent!

It’s the economy, stupid

– TechinAsia: How Singapore’s startup ecosystem has grown up in the last 5 years (INFOGRAPHIC)
– The Independent Singapore: EDB’s new focus on region is behind the curve

Belabouring Labour Issues

– Thoughts of a Cynical Investor: How to improve productivity
– New Nation: S’poreans willing to work until they die: Survey

We Want Human LGBT Rights

– Beatrice the Biologist: Biology Doesn’t Support Gay Marriage Bans

Singapore’s Diplomatic Relations

– Singapore 2B: Overheard: Singapore Claims Indonesian Islands

Mind Our Own Business

– Money Smart Blog: 4 Things to Know So You Don’t Get Ripped Off When Setting Up an Online Business in Singapore

Meet The Parents

– A Juggling Mom: Switching Gears to be a Why Not Mum
– The Asian Parent: Labour and delivery tips by new mums

Daily Disclosure

– lukeyishandsome(dot)com: Outraged over Harambe and the Cincinnati Zoo?
– FASS News: NUS Psychology Society seminar: Looking at love and language from a psychological perspective (zbNOW, Page 4)
– Reflections of a disciple: [Reblogged] Charity, SME-style
– Yahoo! SG: Channel 5 drama ‘The Hush’ explores unconventional relationships

A Vote For Change

– The Online Citizen: http://www.theonlinecitizen.com/2016/06/joint-statement-by-eld-and-spf-on-investigation-over-alleged-violation-of-cooling-off-day-regulations/
– TREmeritus: Politics in Singapore: The past five years (and the next three)
– Function 8: Function 8 condemns legal opportunism
– Yahoo! SG: ‘Blatant disregard’ for Cooling-Off Day rules, devices seized as part of probe: ELD, Police
– My Singapore News: The Undiplomatic Diplomat
– Singapore Recalcitrant: Has the makings of a high-falutin and hubristic diplomat

Uniquely Singapore

– Alvinology: Get Ready for MICHELIN Guide Singapore in July
– The Middle Ground: [Old Malls] Serene Centre: School’s out, let’s hit the mall
– Remember Singapore: The Red Butterfly – Girl Terrors of the Sixties

Technology Bytes

– TechinAsia: Zuckerberg’s faux-lanthropy model is catching on in tech, and it’s troubling
– Five Stars and a Moon: Technology: Use or Be Used…

Investment Matters

– Life of Singaporeans: GIC buys Alibaba while under investigation by SEC for accounting iregularities
– Dollars and Sense: Why Buying A Bad Shirt Is Like Buying A Bad Stock
– Mad Stranger the Investor: stopping of STI ETF rsp
– Money Smart Blog: 4 Reasons Singaporean Seniors Should Think Twice Before Participating in the Lease Buyback Scheme
– Living Investment: Sell in May?

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