Daily SG: 14 Jun 2016

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– Ray of Light: Safe and clean environment vital for a healthy living in HDB flats : An open letter to the Singapore Government:

Gender equality inequality

– Balderdash: On Rey being Overpowered, Female Characters’ Lines in Movies and Another Instance I Wasted Time Arguing with Liberals


– Incidental Singapore: Is he trying to hint CPF might cut interest rates?

Countering The Terrorist Threat

– Thought Catalog: 10 Terrorist Attacks On America That We Somehow Forgot (Even Though We Said We Never Would)
– The Guardian: I’ve studied radicalization – and Islamophobia often plants the seed
– SG Budget Babe: What Can Singapore Learn From the Orlando Shootings?

Put A Stop To Cyber Bullying

– LoyarBurok: 6 reasons why cyber-bullying is so damn frightening

Meet The Parents

– The Asian Parent: Toddler sliced herself on a broken bottle left on park slide

Food Rage Lady Goes Berserk

– Piji Tailai: Social Divide: From Singapore’s Alice Fong To Taiwan’s Hung Su-chu (洪素珠)

We Want Human LGBT Rights

– The Middle Ground: Man who wants to ‘open fire’ on pro-gays under fire
– Think Happiness: Orlando and our Singaporean irony
– Thoughts of a Cynical Investor: Bad time to be gay or Muslim/ Three cheers for the Humanist Society (S’pore)
– Limpeh Is Foreign Talent: Should we crucify or forgive Bryan Lim for his homophobic remarks?
– The Independent Singapore: EDITORIAL: Singapore is not safe so long as govt condones homophobia
– Everything Also Complain: NS Man wants permission to open fire
– Mothership.sg: Bryan Lim’s employer, Canon, is “looking into” his “open fire” comment on Facebook

Singapore’s Diplomatic Relations

– My Singapore News: Indonesia will not allow Singapore to act against its citizens

Foreign Affairs

– CogitAsia: How to Revive U.S. Trans-Pacific Partnership Ratification in 2017: Five Recommendations for the Next President
– the singapore beacon: Orlando Shooting : One More Reason For Trumpism

Daily Disclosure

– Money Smart Blog: 4 Things Singaporeans Must Do to Make Sure They Don’t Get Screwed Over by Their Employers
– Popular Science: Spoiler Alert: Everything is Politics
– Dollars and Sense: Should You Get A Whole Life Insurance Policy? We Explain In Details How It Works
– Transitioning.org: Is Police Licensing & Regulatory Department’s regulation healthy for the security industry?

Technology Bytes

– TechinAsia: Jack Ma predicts the future of logistics
– TechinAsia: Asian brands absolutely dominate the world’s smartphone sales

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