Daily SG: 23 Jun 2016

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Don’t Call Us Strawberries!

– FreshGrads.sg: Is It About Hunger or Bad Bosses?

Transport Woes

– Leong Sze Hian: Public parking rates increase = more profits?
– the singapore beacon: Cheaper Better Faster…..Breakdowns
– Vulcan Post: Uber Empire Grabs Yet Another Territory – The Carpool Market


– Dollars and Sense: Are Doctors Charging More Than They Need To?

Singapore Arts Scene

– singapore international festival of arts: Ong Keng Sen on censorship at Newsha Tavakolian’s I Know Why the Rebel Sings

Foreigners In Our Midst

– My Singapore News: Does citizenship make any difference?

Regardless of Race, Language or Religion

– Blogging For Myself: Pope Francis understands Modern Marriage

Meet The Parents

– Cheekiemonkies: 12 Activities for Kids this Weekend to End the June School Holidays on a High

Foreign Affairs

– Din Merican: The June 2016 by-elections: The Opposition and Mahathir thoroughly plastered
– Living Investment: Brexit or Bremain?
– Popular Science: Last Night’s North Korean Missile Tests Uncomfortably Successful
– Musings From the Lion City: Crazy Ban
– Chee Soon Juan: Leaving our internal security back door wide open
– Yahoo! SG: South China Sea: Facts about Asia’s maritime flashpoint

Daily Disclosure

– The Smart Local: 7 Things I Learned From an Afternoon at a Car Rental Company
– S M Ong: #tbt Chiobu update: Navy chiobu Clarie Teo is still as chio as ever
– Riches That Stick: Rejection sucks. How to deal with rejection when negotiating
– A Path to Forever Financial Freedom (3Fs): Living A Minimalist Lifestyle
– Transitioning.org: Reminiscence of a suicidal jobless PMET
– visakan veerasamy: How To Social Media

Uniquely Singapore

– The Long Winding Road: A visit to a charcoal factory
– J Babies’ Dad: Road Safety Community Park
– RunEatGossip: Kranji Marshes

Investment Matters

– Poor Learn Rich (穷小子日记): One Up on Wall Street By Peter Lynch

Defending Our Lion City

– Just my Observation: SG gahmen rolls out long overdue insurance coverage for UNSALARIED NSmen and sugarcoats it as manna from heaven.

Technology Bytes

– The Neo Dimension: Video: Cloudera and DBS Bank Talk about Big Data and FinTech
– TechinAsia: WeChat launched a bullshit detector chatbot, but don’t ask it about politics

A Vote For Change

– Thoughts of a Cynical Investor: Only LKY beats Chee’s record/ Be optimistic Young Democrats

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