Photographer got a warning from NParks for this, but swears “The shots were worth it!”

It’s not everyday that you see a pretty young model and her photographer venturing up Fort Batu Berlayer at Labrador Park, which is located just off Alexandra Road in southern Singapore.

After all, the fort is legally out of bounds for the public.

That did not stop daring youth photographer Benjamin Matchap and a pretty, upcoming model from scaling the dense forestry and discovering a lost gem of history squashed between the sprawling Alexandra Technopark and the area’s famous high-end private condominiums.


Located far from the droning sounds of busy vehicles plodding their way along the ECP, the fort stands out for its almost untouched natural vegetation. It is little wonder why NParks has labelled the area off limits, not only for the safety of would-be adventurers, but also to preserve what little natural heritage Singapore has left.

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As Benjamin and Ume were leaving, they were spotted by a park ranger, who booked the duo under Regulation 3(1)(a) of the Parks & Trees Regulations (CAP 216, R1) – entering any national park, nature reserve or public park that is closed to the public.

Thankfully, the park ranger did understand that Benjamin was genuinely unaware that the area was out-of-bounds (there were no No Trespassing signs).

But when asked if he thought the risk was worth it, Benjamin did not hesitate.

“The shots were worth it!”

We agree.


For more photos from the shoot, and for more work by Benjamin, please go to his Instagram account.



Benjamin Matchap is currently a student in broadcast media from LASALLE College of the Arts. Ben is also a parkour enthusiast in his free time.



We strongly DISCOURAGE members of the public from attempting to replicate these actions. Entering restricted natural reserves is against the law, and will pose harm to both flora, fauna and yourself.

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