[SG:STI] Are we headed for a crash in Aug 2016?

Copper is not able to climb back to above $2.50 ever since the plunge in Aug 2015. It did go up a little during the rallies in the Feb-Apr period. However the price still remains below $2.50. This is a show of weakness in the markets. It is important to relate other asset classes to look at the overall markets. There is a note on the Crash Alert Levels and the Buy Alert Levels that everyone needs to know and prepare to hold or exit your positions accordingly. This is very crucial to all traders and investors in the market.

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[29 Jun ’16] Learning Point : Understand Zone of Crash Alert And Buy Alert



Reference 1
6 weeks before the Plunge in August 2015

I have unlocked the following link for your reference

Back in Jul/Aug 2015 before the market crash in Aug, I have highlighted many events and symptoms that are happening in the market.
Evidences Of The Fall of STI in August – You will Not Find Them on the Chart!!


Below are some of the articles that I have written before the crash of the market in Aug 2015.

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(SGX – Singtel, KeppelCorp, CityDev) Do not be caught holding the Highs!!

(SGX – STI) How Long Does It Take For STI to Drop 1300 points?

(SGX – STI) After A Drop of More Than 100 points, Where is STI going Next?

STI Going Down Hard!!

Confirmation Bar in May



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