When Christian friends tell you it’s the end of the world.

So I have been having some born-again Christian friends (sorry to single you out, but it’s really you lot) coming up every now and again and telling me about how the “end of days” and “the reckoning” as “revealed” in Revelations (how the heck do you reveal something that is not even existing yet??) is coming, and all the signs are right: Brexit, false prophets, Trump running for presidency, people “worshipping” golden calves, i.e. the famous Bull on Wall Street, and so on and so forth.

Well okay. But here’s the thing I wanna ask: so what are you going to do about it? Roll over and die? Stay home, barricade yourself in and wait for the Messiah to return and lead you by the hand to the promised land?

Don’t tell me shit like that. If you want me to believe, give me a plan, like do I go out there and start buying sacks of rice and gallons of water in preparation for plagues; do I start recruiting my own army of ninjas to safeguard myself and loved ones from zombies; maybe move to Pulau Ubin and start putting my combat survival skills to the test…what?

And if you’re answer is: repent and pray, then here’s what I would say:

Might as well say “no worries bro, we just chill and smoke weed.”

Tell me solutions. Not problems.

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