Daily SG: 4 Jul 2016

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Regardless of Race, Language, or Religion

– The Singapore Beacon: Hari Raya Fashion Trend That Is Causing Quite A Storm
– Yahoo! SG: Singaporeans getting thriftier, going online for Hari Raya outfits
– Blogging For Myself: Other pastors waiting to be jailed

Countering The Terrorist Threat

– Life of Singaporeans: Will Bangala terror cells strike in Singapore?
– Singapore Recalcitrant: An insight into Singapore’s preparedness in counter-terrorism measures
– Thought Catalog: I Won’t Let Terrorism Stop Me From Traveling

Parking Hell

– The Independent Singapore: You think PAP care if increased parking charges will increase cost of living for Singaporeans?

Transport Woes

– Balderdash: A Car is not a Necessity in Singapore
– Dollars and Sense: Best Value For Money Cars In 2016


– The Middle Ground: Is your doctor claiming that you are more sick than you are?

Belabouring Labour Issues

– Five Stars and a Moon: Salary increase for bus captains…SO??

Singapore Arts Scene

– Only William: Laugh Die You – The Karaoke

Foreign Affairs

– Top of the Word: Brexit: No Expert Analysis in The Straits Times
– Din Merican: Political Transformation of Malaysia’s Najib Razak
– My Singapore News: American’s use of warships to control the South China Sea not disturbing
– Thoughts of a Cynical Investor: Brexit: Lesson for the PAP?/ Eternal truths
– a2ed.com: Brexit, English Racism, and Rise in Hate-Crime

Daily Disclosure

– the phylactery: Taking the plunge, without a condom
– this is premium writing, no?: is life short when we waste so much of it on useless things?
– Money Smart Blog: 5 Super Skills You Can Pick Up Absolutely Free
– Limpeh Is Foreign Talent: A question about a mid-life career change from JS

Uniquely Singapore

– The Smart Local: 20 NEW Cafes and Restaurants To Try In July 2016
– DanielFoodDiaryv: 8 Food Items From Pizza Hut Singapore. A Refreshed and ENHANCED Menu!
– Cuisine Paradise: [Video] Geylang Serai Hari Raya Bazaar 2016
– AspirantSG: Best New Cafes In Novena & Orchard Road ( Jan – Jun 2016)
– SG Budget Babe: MUST-TRY Asian Fusion Dishes at Collins for $12 and Under!

A Vote For Change

– TREmeritus: The economy did not max out, PAP did
– likedatosocanmeh: Does town council pay for greeting banners?

Either/Or: Civil Society Activism/Politics

– Kirsten Han: Apprentice and the death penalty

Investment Matters

– Ryan Goh: Retirement: the target

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