Daily SG: 5 Jul 2016

Credit: A Good Citizen

Belabouring Labour Issues

– guanyinmiao’s musings: Secure Company Buy-In For Lifelong Learning

Countering The Terrorist Threat

– The Middle Ground: ISIS attacks Malaysia
– The Middle Ground: PHOTOS FROM THE GROUND: Grieving faces of Baghdad, Dhaka, Istanbul
– My Singapore News: IS attacks now more targeted


– The Independent Singapore: Facebook bans ex-political detainee Teo Soh Lung’s posts in its platform

Transport Woes

– SG Truth: 10 Worst MRT Breakdowns in Singapore

Meet The Parents

– The Asian Parent: Why I refuse to send my four-year-old to extra-curricular classes after school
– Cheekiemonkies: Diggersite – Where Kids Can Operate Real Excavators – Goes to the West!

Foreign Affairs

– Din Merican: State Religion Is an obstacle to Freedom

Daily Disclosure

– Dollars and Sense: Should you lend money to a friend?
– Another dot in the blogosphere?: Afraid of making mistakes?
– SG Truth: 10 Reasons Why Singaporeans Commit Suicide
– cheerful.egg: Who’s Your Inner Badass?
– Sillyinvestor: Random thoughts: Putting ourselves in others’ shoes?

Uniquely Singapore

– The Smart Local: The Gain City Megastore Is A Little Known Electronic + Furniture + Cafe All Rolled Into One Building

A Vote For Change

– TREmeritus: Opposition supporters should look at politics from the bigger picture

Technology Bytes

– Vulcan Post: S’poreans Say: “Don’t Just Extend The SingPass 2FA Deadline, Solve The Issues We Have First!”
– TechinAsia: An absolute beginner’s guide to machine learning, deep learning, and AI
– Zit Seng’s Blog: Shopping With Just My Phone

Investment Matters

– Singsaver.com.sg: 4 Subtle Ways Your Friends Make You Spend More
– Property Soul: Who said property cooling measures may never be lifted?
– Money Smart Blog: Muslims and Banking in Singapore: What You Need to Know about Islamic Banking and Investments

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