Daily SG: 7 Jul 2016

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Belabouring Labour Issues

– Money Smart Blog: If You’re a Contract Employee in Singapore, Don’t Let Your Employer Cheat You of These 3 Things to Which You’re Now Entitled
– Working With Grace: Why Singaporeans Go To Work When They’re Sick

Transport Woes

– Vulcan Post: Don’t Anyhow Say: FB Post Stating You Can’t Hold Your Phone While Driving Is Totally Inaccurate
– The Middle Ground: Made-in-China trains spark safety concerns in Hong Kong, US
– The Independent Singapore: Train defects reveal deeper problems doing business with PRCs
– PPP: Defective Trains from China – More than what meets the eyes
– SDP: Govt must answer questions about defective trains sent back to China
– TREmeritus: Why didn’t the Committee of Inquiry into the 2011 MRT debacle pick defects up?

We Want Human LGBT Rights

– Yahoo! SG: The best place to raise a child is with a man and a woman: experts

Foreigners In Our Midst

– TWC2: Foreign domestic workers’ living conditions survey – full results

Defending Our Lion City

– likedatosocanmeh: Reducing NS to 1 year a win-win situation

Mind Our Own Business

– My Singapore News: The Kodak Moment – A management case study


– Thoughts of a Cynical Investor: Facebook: Today S’pore, tom China

Meet The Parents

– The Asian Parent: Infographic: What to eat when you’re pregnant

Foreign Affairs

– pressrun.net: Looking for America
– CogitAsia: Blowing Up Fishing Vessels is Not Enough to Be a Global Maritime Fulcrum

Daily Disclosure

– Mothership.sg: S’porean athletes advised to practice abstinence or safe sex for 2 months upon return from Rio Olympics
– The Smart Local: 2016 Top-Of-Mind Brands in Asia as Chosen by Singapore’s Millennials
– Singapore Watch: How to get more ‘discounts’ while shopping online
– Expat Bostonians: “How do you and your kids enjoy life in Singapore?”
– The Middle Ground: The brief life of Daniel
– A Thing (or Two) About Holly Jean: Would You Date a Ukrainian Girl?

Uniquely Singapore

– RunEatGossip: The Story of the Common Mynah

Technology Bytes

– AspirantSG: 4 Things You Can Do With Robi!
– TechinAsia: Singapore banks haven’t embraced the cloud. The government’s trying to help.

Investment Matters

– Rolf Suey: The Fallacy of “How to be Rich” from Investing in Real Estates (Part 3)
– Xeolyenomics: Brexit + China Economic Slowdown = A Perfect Storm?
– SG Budget Babe: Here Are Some Important Questions to Ask Your Insurance Agent
– Thoughts of a Cynical Investor: S’pore, Asean on risky list

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