Daily SG: 12 Jul 2016

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Combating the Haze

– guanyinmiao’s musings: Corporate Commitment To Certified Sustainable Palm Oil Should Go Beyond Advocacy

Our Everyday Heroes

– The Independent Singapore: SCDF rescues man dangling precariously on clothes drying rack in highrise flat

Transport Woes

– Freshgrads.sg: Egg on LTA’s Face?
– S M Ong: LTA shipping defective trains back to China: Returning something you ordered from overseas can be such a hassle

Belabouring Labour Issues

– Another dot in the blogosphere?: Buy-in vs ownership
– Transitioning.org: Secondment abuse by MNC in Singapore ensures Singaporeans have no jobs
– Mostly Economics: Do MBA programs drive inequality?

Foreigners In Our Midst

– Everything Also Complain: You can’t catch Pokemon in ‘f**king shitty’ Singapore
– Vulcan Post: Social Media Firing Shows Why We REALLY NEED To Clamp Down On What We Say Onlinev

Singapore’s Vices

– The Singapoe Beacon: Stanchart Bank Heist : Captain Bochap Strikes Again!

We Want Free Speech!

– The Middle Ground: Think twice before you shoot off your mouth
– The Independent Singapore: Government introduces ‘harsh’ bill in parliament to quell sub judice


– Thoughts of a Cynical Investor: Traingate: Useless local new media?/ How real journalists operate


– likedatosocanmeh: Illogical to say government bears risks on behalf of CPF members

Singapore’s Arts Scene

– Vicky’s Writings: HOTEL by Wildrice

Meet The Parents

– Five Stars and a Moon: Strawberry generation – the result of overprotective parents?
– The Asian Parent: Quiz: Is your job turning you into a bad parent?

Foreign Affairs

– Din Merican: China and UNCLOS: An Inconvenient History
– My Singapore News: Treachery in The Hague
– CogitAsia: Political Analyst Slain in Cambodia
– The Middle Ground: Hague ruling: So are they rocks or islands?

Daily Disclosure

– Money Smart Blog: 3 Big Ways Uber Has Made Singaporean Lives Better
– The Middle Ground: Tuesday at Cheongster Cafe: What did the G just say?
– Dotseng: How to see your ‘problem’ as a problem
– Balderdash: Rubbish and Toilet Law in Singapore
– AspirantSG: Healthy Food Places To Eat Clean, Diet & Lose Weight In CBD Singapore
– Singsaver.com.sg: 3 Air Miles Credit Cards with the Most Bonus Miles

Uniquely Singapore

– Cheekiemonkies: Dine in Full View of Planes on an Airport Runway in this Bicycle-themed Cafe!
– DanielFoodDiary: 1460 Tteokbokki – Rainbow Bingsu, Korean Fried Squid and Potato Tornado
– Miss Tam Chiak: 11 Reasons Why You Should Dine At Emporium Shokuhin

Technology Bytes

– TechinAsia: Singapore government to build its own chatbots
– Thought Catalog: Criminals Are Using ‘Pokemon Go’ To Mug People At Gunpoint
– Popular Science: Pokémon Go Creator Explains How The Game Will Evolve

Investment Matters

– TechinAsia: To sell or not to sell? Things to consider when someone offers to buy your startup
– Dollars and Sense: What You Don’t Know About Gold Investing May Hurt You

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