Daily SG: 13 Jul 2016

Credit: A Good Citizen

Transport Woes

– The Independent Singapore: MOT Minister Khaw says non transparency can prevent undue panic
– Zit Seng’s Blog: Train Cracks Cause Embarrassment, Not Panic
– Tan Kin Lian: Land Transport Authority should have reported earlier
– Blogging For Myself: Change in car policies?

Parking Hell

– Money Smart Blog: 14 Car Parks in Singapore You Didn’t Know Had Free Parking (2016 Edition)

Foreigners In Our Midst

– New Nation: Foreigners unhappy with S’pore must aim higher by insulting everyone on a global level

Belabouring Labour Issues

– Five Stars and a Moon: Why aren’t security officers paid more?

We Want Free Speech!

– Thoughts of a Cynical Investor: Typical S’porean response on freedom of speech
– The Middle Ground: What is end-to-end encryption, and can the G circumvent it?

Meet The Parents

– The Smart Local: 8 Simple Things Any Millennial Can Do To Bond With Your Parents
– A Happy Mum: 10 things I’ve learnt from my kids
– Balderdash: Pinker on why it doesn’t matter that parenting has little effect on children
– The Asian Parent: Quiz: How well do you know your parenting myths?

Foreign Affairs

– this is premium writing, no?: please don’t screw the eagles
– My Singapore News: South China Sea – An alignment of forces for domination and control
– Vulcan Post: M’sia Launches First Ever Anti-Rape Website—But They’re Missing 1 Huge Point
– Din Merican: A Saudi Morals Enforcer Called for a More Liberal Islam

Daily Disclosure

– The Kent Ridge Common: Nature over Nurture
– Faerie Tales: Practicing Photography
– Mothership.sg: “Product of Singapore” mixed nuts in NTUC really from Singapore? | Mothership.SG

Uniquely Singapore

– little Joy: Lim’s Fried Oyster, 蚝煎林!
– Cheekiemonkies: 8 Best (& FREE!) Outdoor Playgrounds in the West of Singapore
– DanielFoodDiary: Fat Lulu’s – Five & Dime Changes To Grill and Dessert Bar, Lacks Surprises
– Ryan Goh: Stoicism: a model for life?
– SG Food on foot: “Savour the Past, Taste the Future” at The Singapore Food Festival 2016, taking place from 15 to 31 July 2016

Technology Bytes

– Aspirant SG: 20 Reasons Why Pokemon GO Is Taking The World By Storm
– Dollars and Sense: The Future Of Grocery Shopping: Redmart, Honest Bee And More
– Musings From the Lion City: Pokémon Go

Bread and Butter

– Money Smart Blog: 4 Warning Signs That You Should Start Looking For a New Job
– Singsaver.com.sg: 9 Ways to Save Money on Engagement Rings in Singapore
– SG Budget Babe: How To Cut Your Wedding Costs To Under $25,000

Investment Matters

– Yahoo! SG: Weak sentiment continues to hurt S’pore property market
– Eight percent per annum: Great Scot! Brexit?

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