Daily SG: 15 Jul 2016

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Transport Woes

– Thoughts of a Cynical Investor: Traingate: The only cyberwarriots LTA, MoT responded to
– The Independent Singapore: HK’s MTR admits that there are lessons to be learnt from Factwire’s expose
– PetuniaLee: Tempest in a Teapot (aka, Khaw’s Routine Matter)

Countering The Terrorist Threat

– Dr. Hsu’s forum: I weep for Humanity
– The Kent Ridge Common: A New Dawn For Muslims

Singapore Crimes and Vices

– mrbrown.com: the mrbrown show: The Robbery
– likedatosocanmeh: How did alleged Standchart robber manage to flee Singapore?

Foreigners In Our Midst

– The Independent Singapore: Remember Anton Casey, the man who fled S’pore after sneering at the poor here? He’s back!

Educate Our Young

– The Middle Ground: How the new PSLE game is going to be played
– Living Investment: New PSLE Scoring System – It’s about choices to make
– Another dot in the blogosphere?: Attitude, aptitude, altitude
– A Singaporean In Australia: Key Differences between Teaching in Perth and Singapore
– mamawearpapashirt: PSLE changes from 2021 and what they mean for you
– The Heart Truths: “New” PSLE Education Scoring System: Does it Change Anything?
– The Asian Parent: Parents say PSLE’s focus on grades won’t ease pressure on children

Health Check

– Dollars and Sense: How Much Does Seeing A Physiotherapist Cost?

It’s the economy, stupid!

– Dollars and Sense: Temasek Holdings And GIC – And The Management Of Our Monies

Meet The Parents

– A Juggling Mom: English Composition Writing for Primary One

Foreign Affairs

– SG Truth: China can now claim that Singapore was part of China
– Helen Ang: Hilarious! Chinese voting to resurrect Mahathirism
– My Singapore News: Taiwan – The first victim of the Hague kangaroo court
– MADPET: FMT News :- MADPET urges Putrajaya to announce moratorium on death penalty
– Reflections of a disciple: Is change necessarily better?
– CogitAsia: CogitAsia Podcast: China’s Five-Year Plan

Singapore’s Arts Scene

– Written Words Never Die: Self Publishing and Quality

Daily Disclosure

– DKSG: Is Plaza Singapura the next Funan Centre?
– Top of the Word: Singapore, a Guinea Pig Supporting China Firms?

Singapore Food Paradise

– The Smart Local: KFC Singapore Invented Umami Chicken And You Have To Try It Now
– ieatishootipost: Soon Lee Loh Mee: Old School Flavour!
– Working With Grace: $1 Sushi Day at umisushi: Got mine at Waterway Point :D
– little Joy: Saigon Food Street @ Bukit Panjang

Uniquely Singapore

– Singapore 60s: The Trebles: Dance Band @ Local British Bases

The Travel Bug

– Limpeh Is Foreign Talent: LIFT Vlog Episode 75: The London Laksa Company

Technology Bytes

– Yahoo! SG: Property owners: Get off my lawn, Pokemon!
– Popular Science: The Service Pokéconomy Is Here
– TechinAsia: The startup that wants us to eat lab-grown chicken
– Vulcan Post: The LEGIT Way To Check If Pokémon Go Is Launched In Your Country Yet

Bread and Butter

– Money Smart Blog: 3 Reasons Singaporeans Make Saving Money So Hard For Themselves

Investment Matters

– The Independent Singapore: SGX suspends trading in securities market due to technical glitch
– Kenneth Jeyaretnam: Trading Outage Damages Singapore Stock Exchange Reputation.

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