Daily SG: 18 Jul 2016

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Transport Woes

– SG Truth: Nationalisation of SMRT assets – To Prevent Another Minister of Transport and SMRT CEO being Sacked
– Five Stars and a Moon: Why I’m wary of LTA’s take-back of SMRT assets

Countering The Terrorist Threat

– Limpeh Is Foreign Talent: Yet another deadly terrorist attack in France


– SDP: SDP calls for COI on lift mishaps in light of latest E M Services investigation

Regardless of Race, Language or Religion

– The Online Citizen: “We want to live together in peace and harmony”
– Yahoo! SG: Imam Shafie: For the little ones
– Alvinology: The Karaoke: Singaporeans Love Jokes On Race, Sex And Religion

Defending Our Lion City

– Senang Diri: Unmanned systems in the future Singapore Armed Forces SAF

It’s the economy, stupid!

– Emergent Economics: What will Brexit mean for the least developed countries?
– Mostly Economics: Learning economic theory in pictures….

Foreigners In Our Midst

– The Independent Singapore: Liberal foreign manpower policy impedes local engineers and IT professionals
– The Singapore Beacon: Migrant Workers And Gambling
– S M Ong: Here today, Pokémon Gone tomorrow: The VP of digital marketing who digitally marketed himself out of a job
– Thoughts of a Cynical Investor: SGX’s IT: An all India FT affair?

Educate Our Young

– The Middle Ground: New PSLE scoring system: If there’s more stress for the kid, it’s because of YOU
– Of Kids and Education: Reforms in PSLE scoring – good news for most
– Roy Ngerng: ‘New’ PSLE Education System: Taking a Deeper Look at the Numbers

Save Our World

– A Singaporean In Australia: Preparing for Solar

Singapore’s Diplomatic Relations

– Mothership.sg: Singapore to supply Johor with more potable water. Whut?

Meet The Parents

– The Wacky Duo: The ulitmate family vacuum cleaner : Dyson v8 Fluffy
– MadPsychMum: My 2.5 Years Postpartum Weight Loss Report
– The Asian Parent: Pokemon Go: What it is and how it can be fun for the whole family

Foreign Affairs

– Din Merican: Mahathir set Ketuanan Melayu (Malay Hegemonic) Agenda
– CogitAsia: Tumultuous Road Ahead For Turnbull in Australia

Singapore’s Arts Scene

– Raffles Press: Raffles Reviews – A Look at Singapore’s Luscious, Layered, Local Literature

Daily Disclosure

– Alvinology: Science: Why charging phones overnight is a bad idea
– likedatosocanmeh: The nutcase at CASE, our consumer watchpussy
– Limpeh Is Foreign Talent: A major change in my life: summer 2016
– The Independent Singapore: Govt should stop unfairly discriminating persons who are HIV-positive
– Lemniscates are Forever: #mySingapore Hairstylist Version
– Working With Grace: Why You Should Allow Your Man To Play Mahjong

Singapore Food Paradise

– Singsaver.com.sg: Feast on These National Day 2016 Buffet Promotions
– CAMEMBERU: The Peranakan: Closely Authentic Nonya Food, Gorgeous Restaurant
– EastCoastLife: Eastcoastlife’s Hainanese Chicken Curry 潮州妹的海南咖喱鸡
– AspirantSG: Ultimate Churros Lovers List To Satisfy Cravings In Singapore Part 2
– AspirantSG: Ultimate Churros Lovers List To Satisfy Cravings In Singapore Part 1
– princessa: At the grand opening of JapanFoodTown… (from Instagram)

Uniquely Singapore

– Vulcan Post: Tiny Paper Cutouts And A Quirky Imagination Was All It Took For Instagrammer To Make SG Fun Again
– Dejiki: Underwater World Singapore
– Janeeeee’s Blog: Jurong East Swimming Complex

The Travel Bug

– The Kent Ridge Common: Not Another Singapore

Technology Bytes

– TechinAsia: What Pokemon Go and the Mona Lisa have in common
– DKSG: HP flagship store at Marina Square

Bread and Butter

– Dollars and Sense: 3 Singaporean Students Share Their Top Tips To Save Money Overseas
– Money Smart Blog: Think Twice Before Including The Following Information on Your Resume, Because Nobody Cares
– Another dot in the blogosphere?: Freelancing is a misnomer
– transitioning.org: Jobless banker who earn more than $250,000/annum frustrated with government agencies

Investment Matters

– Dollars and Sense: 7 Key Details You Should Not Miss When Investing In Retail Stocks
– Investment Moats: Advance Wealth Building: Thinking in Terms of Yield Potential of your Wealth Machine
– GiraffeValue: 5 SGX Pre-screened Fundamental Data set for You!~
– SG Budget Babe: Stock Analysis: Procurri IPO (Top Concerns You Need To Know)
– Investment Moats: Frasers Centerpoint Trust Keeping Dividend Growth Despite challenging Scenario

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