Daily SG: 19 Jul 2016

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Countering The Terrorist Threat

– Under The Angsana Tree: PM Lee Highlights Severity of Terror Threat
– Top of the Word: West Perverting the World?
– Blogging For Myself: Nice tragedy suggests how to defeat Daesh


– The Independent Singapore: SPH’s turnover for its newspaper and magazine business declined in Q3

Regardless of Race, Language or Religion

– guanyinmiao’s musings: Is The Idea Of A “Mother Tongue” Still Relevant?
– fass news: Panel to document Malay-Muslim community history (Page 11)
– TechinAsia: ‘Sorry, your wife is Indian, landlord won’t rent to you.’

Defending Our Lion City

– Five Stars and a Moon: Man up, serve your NS and don’t be a baby

Educate Our Young

– SDP: PSLE grading change is meaningless

Save Our World

– CogitAsia: China’s 13th Five-Year Plan: Expanding Attention on the Green Economy

Meet The Parents

– The Asian Parent: Infographic: Keeping your baby safe

Foreign Affairs

– Mostly Economics: A Bloomberg reporter documents her efforts to secure food supplies in Venezuela…
– My Singapore News: Turkey – All fingers pointing to Washington
– Din Merican: ‘Make America Great Again’ is an exercise in mass psychology.
– Thoughts of a Cynical Investor: Americans subtle, PRC leaders cock (cont’d)

Singapore’s Arts Scene

– pianomania: EXUBERANCE OF YOUTH / Singapore Youth Chinese Orchestra / Review

Daily Disclosure

– The Brotherhood Press: Super rain?
– cheerful.egg: I Bought A TV And It Was Mad Confusing

Singapore Food Paradise

– Miss Tam Chiak: 9 Places To Enjoy Steaks Under $20 In

Uniquely Singapore

– incy wincy spider: Visiting Coney Island Singapore

A Vote For Change

– Illusio: “Prosecution or persecution?” The continuing Judge Dredd tendencies of the Elections Department
– Mothership.sg: WP’s Png Eng Huat highlights minister’s special privileges at checkpoint, ICA responds

The Travel Bug

– stephanieklein.com: One-day New York Itinerary with Kids

Technology Bytes

– TechinAsia: Why China is probably never getting Pokemon Go
– VulcanPost: PayPal’s New Infographic Claims That A Crazy 72% Of Singaporeans Are Using Them!
– VulcanPost: KFIT Has Launched Another Lifestyle App, And We’re Kinda Confused

Bread and Butter

– Money Smart Blog: 3 Tips for Getting the Most Out of Your Annual Leave Even if You Don’t Go Overseas or Spend a Fortune
– Singsaver.com.sg: 6 Warning Signs Your Boyfriend is a Male Gold Digger
– superadrianme: 8 Reasons To Shop With UnionPay During The Great Singapore Sale
– Dollars and Sense: Why You Should Never Let Merchants Double Swipe Your Credit Card

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