Daily SG: 26 Jul 2016

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Singapore’s Vice and Crimes

– The Independent Singapore: Couple hold sex orgies in Singapore charging men $450 per party
– Singapore Travel Blog: WARNING: Latest Hotel Scam You MUST Know About

National Day Parade 2016

– Five Stars and a Moon: 8 HIDDEN MESSAGES FROM NDP 2016

Singapore Arts Scene

– The Secreter Robot Spy Factory: Singapore Literature Prize!

Regardless of Race, Language or Religion

– guanyinmiao’s musings: Assessing Chinese-Language Proficiency More Rigorously

Mind Your Own Business

– e27: 5 simple ways to increase traffic to your website

Save our Environment

– A Juggling Mom: Sustainable Living with IKEA

A Vote For Change

– likedatosocanmeh: 20160725 Singaporeans should fear PAP no more, PAP fears its own shadow,

Meet the Parents

– The Smart Local: 10 Preschool Attributes Parents Must Look Out For Before Enrolling Their Child In Schools

Educate Our Young

– Another dot in the blogosphere?: #PSLE2021 (Part 5): Comments on quotes
– Askmelah.com: The pursuit of degree does not make sense anymore!

Singapore’s Diplomatic Relations

– SDP: SDP raises questions about 1MDB and the KL-Singapore high-speed railway project
– Thoughts of Real Singaporeans: Was the signing of the HSR agreement wise given Najib’s and 1MDB’s problems?
– Thoughts of a Cynical Investor: Indons speaking with fork tongues again

Foreign Affairs

– My Singapore News: Hillary and Trump need to visit the Istana
– Blogging For Myself: Brexit: UK doing a GE
– CogitAsia: Start Up, Stand Up, Stay Up?
– Singapore 2B: What’s bothering the World, today?
– Balderdash: Hatred and Mass Movements

Daily Disclosure

– this is premium writing, no?: three rules to live by that will come in really handy
– Mothership.sg: This is still the greatest response when you get asked, ‘Is S’pore in China?’
– Adrian Tan: There Is A Book In Everyone Of Us
– Raffles Press: Sleep Go Where?

Singapore Food Paradise

– Zit Seng: Ranting on Domino’s Delivery
– CAMEMBERU: Spinacas: Healthy Salads and Bento Delivery in Singapore
– The Ranting Panda: Food Review: Hill Street Tai Hwa Pork Noodle at Crawford Lane | Singapore hawker stall with One Michelin Star
– ladyironchef: 11 Best Restaurants in Singapore That Do Not Have Michelin Stars
– missuschewy: Rakuichi Japanese Restaurant at Dempsey Hill
– SG Food on Foot: The Dining Room @ Sheraton Tower Singapore – An Indonesian Gastronomic Experience

Technology Bytes

– Vulcan Post: Whoa. Malaysians Were Behind Some Of The Iconic Titles In The Gaming Industry?!
– e27: Everyone can prototype with this new South Korean 3D printer
– Mothership.sg: http://mothership.sg/2016/07/i-cant-believe-im-defending-minister-yaacob-ibrahims-pokemon-go-comments/
– A Load of Fish: Singapore to monitor Pokemon Go. For what?

Uniquely Singapore

– EastCoastLife: Gardens By the Bay 新加坡滨海湾花园

Bread and Butter

– Money Smart Blog: Can’t Afford to Go to University? Here are 9 Options for Getting Those Fees Paid

Investment Matters

– Investment Moats: REIT: Making Sense of the Uncertainties Surrounding your REIT – A Frasers Commercial Trust Case Study
– cheerful.egg: How To Get Better At Investing
– The Motley Fool Singapore: 4 Lessons for Investors to Learn from California Fitness’s Bankruptcy
– Dollars and Sense: 5 Online Courses That Can Kick Start Your Financial Proficiency

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