New bus-pooling app launched as alternative to Beeline

⦁    Extensive selection of 97 bus-pooling routes island-wide
⦁    Live tracking of bus location enhances predictability for commuters especially during peak hours

Singapore, 26th July 2016 –, a subsidiary of Commute Solutions Group officially launched its mobile application today to offer commuters added convenience and speed in booking and renewing their monthly bus passes from a selection of close to 100 available bus routes.

With Singapore’s transport landscape undergoing more privatization, competition for smarter alternative modes of transport is on the rise. Following the popularity of carpooling and private car hire services such as Grab and Uber, the next phase of transportation sharing will see an extension to buses, which provides a greener and even more affordable option.

A well-known platform consolidating private bus sharing services is Beeline, a government-initiated bus matching and booking service to support Singapore’s growth as a smart nation. Beeline was developed by the Infocomm Development Authority of Singapore (IDA) last year to empower individual commuters through transport data and analytics, and currently exists purely as a matching service where it works with partner operators to deliver the routes.

Given this increasing demand for bus-pooling and changing behavioral trends of commuters in Singapore who prefer to access real-time traffic and transportation data on the move, the sharetransport mobile app was borne as an upgrade to the existing website which was first established in 2012 to leverage the power of crowdsourcing to run bus services that are in demand for the most popular routes from various origins to destinations island-wide. Presently, some 35,000 users have registered.

The new launch of the sharetransport app allows users to perform the same functions but on a more intuitive interface. Users can also use the app to track the live location of their pre-booked bus service, helping them to gain a few more minutes with their loved ones in the morning, or make a dash to the bus stop if they are running late.

Cheaper than taxis and more comfortable than public transport, bus-pooling allows most commuters to save up to 7 hours of commuting time per week, whilst enjoying a door-to-door service that eliminates the headaches of feeder buses and change of multiple transport modes.


  • Users can book routes by choosing from a pre-defined list of origins and destinations. Monthly bus rides range from $110 to $140
  • A crowd sourced database that allows for easy suggestion of new routes by dropping pins on preferred start and end points
  • Live monitoring of pre-booked bus service available in real-time mode


Ms Koh, existing passenger of sharetransport’s TM3 service said, “I have signed up for the return bus pooling service from my workplace to home. This service is fantastic. I don’t have to jostle with the crowd and make many transfers between buses and MRT before reaching home. The monthly bus fare is much cheaper than taxi fare especially during the evening peak hours. This direct bus service saves over half an hour in daily commute and I can reach home faster and spend more time with my family.”

MD of Commute Solutions Mr Pang Kok Leong, 32 said, “With the ongoing rise in car and COE prices, coupled with increasing congestion on public trains and buses, transportation sharing is now a growing trend in Singapore. We see especially strong growth in the bus-pooling segment, mainly because we give commuters maximum comfort in their daily commute. We pick you up near where you live, and send you to where you work. It’s almost like a big taxi service. And now you can see the bus coming towards you and perform transactions on our app. You can plan better.”

Primarily targeted at PMEs (Professionals, Managers and Executives), other commuters with a regular travel schedule would also benefit from this app. The app can be downloaded free from the Apple Appstore for iPhone and iPad users, as well as Google Play for Android users.



With more than 35,000 registered users, is a bus-pooling website that currently offers almost 100 bus routes plying the entire country, with a key focus of servicing commuters from their homes in the heartlands to central business districts and downtown or industrial business parks. Offering regular weekday schedules and guaranteed air-conditioned bus seats for commuters, the bus-pooling service offers a highly attractive alternative to travelling on public buses and MRT, particularly during peak hours and timings prone to transportation breakdowns, traffic congestions and lack of available seats. is a subsidiary of Commute Solutions Singapore, and aims to invigorate the local transportation industry by continuously providing innovative, value-adding and environmentally-friendly options for PMEs and daily commuters.

About Commute Solutions
Established in late 2011, Commute Solutions is a transport service provider with a simple mission to provide fast, comfortable and sustainable bus service solutions that caters to the working group and allowing them to arrive at their offices on-time and stress-free. With a vision of transforming the local private bus industry into a more organized and efficient structure, Commute Solutions takes pride in leveraging data and technology to provide comprehensive solutions that bring more convenience and time savings to customers.

Commute Solutions is currently the leading private bus operator that runs the most number of Premium Bus Services in Singapore, and is the appointed lead transport provider of various sporting and marathon events in Singapore. The organization is one of the few private bus operators able to operate the NOBE system, and among the first in the industry to be awarded the PPSS Contract by LTA.

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