If you listen to pop music, chances are you’ve heard the “Millennial Whoop”

You may have heard this being said before, but doesn’t all pop music start to sound the same after a while?

The same catchy tunes, the same beat, even the vocalists start to sound the same after an hour or two of radio.

But for those of you who think that you’re literally listening to the same **** over and over, fret not, chances are you’re absolutely right.

You see, there’s a musical phenomenon that pop culture has named the “Millennial Whoop”. The whoop is a sequence of notes that goes from the fifth and third notes of a major scale and typically starts on the fifth. The rhythm follows straight 8th notes. The singer would usually belt this out with an “Woh-oh-woh-oh” style to the tune of the music.

If you’ve heard the famous vocal riff during the chorus of Katy Perry’s “California Girls”, that’s exactly how it sounds like.

Or how about this teenage angst-ridden tune by parody group The Lonely Island for the teenager in you?

And this song by Carly Rae Jepson? Or this one by Nicki Minaj? What about some One Direction while we’re at it!?

Yes, you heard right. Those alternating notes that you’ve heard are practically the same thing in musical notation.


And now that you’ve heard it, watch this video by Quartz and prepare to have your mind blown.



Gwen Yun is a pop music junkie who doesn’t behave her age. She takes life way too un-seriously and won’t hesitate to ride off into her next adventure any chance she gets.

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