[Satire] Is the haze Indonesia’s ultimate chemical weapon against Singapore?

Every year, ever f***ing year since I was a kid. ..I’m pretty sick of this. Singapore blames Indonesia, Indonesia pushes back blame to Singapore, telling us that some of the palm oil companies belong to Singapore investors.

Listen here Indonesia; I don’t care if some of our companies are responsible for the forest fire because it’s your bloody country and you have to take action against them, not us. What’s the issue here?

You can foil terrorist plans (Rocket attack plot on MBS), but you cannot stop a bunch of companies from POISONING A WHOLE COUNTRY ? All this on your soil I might add. Terrorist do not register themselves on your government database, corporations do. Wouldn’t it be easier to track these irresponsible corporations down? Warn them? Visit them? Sent representatives? A lot of things can be done to prevent this. This is not the first time. This mistake has been happening for decades.

The whole world knows how corrupt the Indonesian government is, do a quick Google search on “Corruption in Indonesia” or “Bribery in Indonesia” and you get the picture real quick. Is this what is happening here? Yes or no, I don’t know. I’m not a judge, but I tell you what, I hope we get to the bottom of this real soon.

This is a national emergency in Singapore.

Some of you reading this may say “Eh don’t exaggerate lah”, but maybe you don’t so relax lah. How are we going to get things done if we all so ‘chill’?

Haze has caused our schools to close, flights to be disrupted and worst still, military training exercises cancelled due to CAT 1 weather. We have to stop or delay training our military recruits in Tekong cause a foreign country is responsible for creating dangerous levels of smoke? Last year, they even cancelled my Remedial Training (RT) session because of the haze. Do I like RT? Hell No! But, I don’t like it when Indonesia’s incompetences cause me to miss my training session! How dare you?!

As I sit in this bus stop waiting for the bus (writing this on my iPhone), breathing in the haze, I can’t help but wonder if Indonesia is doing this shit on purpose? Just trying to F*** with us year after year.

Maybe I’m just paranoid. Maybe I’m not, who knows?



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