Daily SG: 1 Sep 2016

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Zika Outbreak

– Thoughts of Real Singaporeans: Singapore paying for efficiency in dealing with Zika
– Mothership.sg: US CDC head: “Any time there’s disease in Singapore, we say that disease is hard to control”
– The Middle Ground: Zika spreads and spreads
– Blogging For Myself: Zika: Resistance is futile
– Mothership.sg: Doctor who uncovered Zika outbreak in S’pore advises giving Pokémon Go a rest for time being

It’s the economy, stupid!

– Mostly Economics: Private prisons are not the same as free prisons..

Meet The Parents

– The Asian Parent: Respect vs. obedience: Why parents need respect more than obedience from kids
– A Thing (or Two) About Holly Jean: Easiest Foods for babies to Digest

Foreigners In Our Midst

– Singsaver.com.sg: The Invisible Costs of Treating Your Maid Badly

Either/Or: Civil Society Activism/Politics

– The Independent Singapore: Zika virus and construction site deaths: our response
– Contented: Seeking Refuge for Humanity

Technology Bytes

– e27: 5 exciting Chinese gadgets you should check out
– TechinAsia: A quick guide to Tokyo’s tech startup scene
– Mothership.sg: A prison without guards might be a reality in Singapore in the near future
– guanyinmiao’s musings: Eli Pariser’s “The Filter Bubble: What The Internet Is Hiding From You”
– Another dot in the blogosphere?: Lessons from PokémonGo fallacies

Singapore Food Paradise

– The Smart Local: 8 Cafes That You Don’t Have To Bring Your Wallet To
– 365days2play: Janice Wong Restaurant at the National Museum–Exquisite plated desserts!
– Miss Tam Chiak: Indonesia Delight Gandis – Long Queue Nasi Padang in Industrial Building

Investment Matters

– Dollars and Sense: P2P Lending: What To Look Out For In Secured Loans

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