Daily SG: 8 Sep 2016

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The Elected President

– The Middle Ground: EP changes: Are Presidential elections ‘meritocratic’ in the first place?
– The Independent Singapore: Lee Kuan Yew conceived the Elected Presidency to ensure elected government lived within its means, Ho Ching
– My Singapore News: Elected Presidency – Cheng Bock in or out?
– Ravi Philemon: Only a political decision will disqualify Tan Cheng Bock from the next presidential race
– Thoughts of Real Singaporeans: Changes to the Elected Presidency, Important or not?
– Mothership.sg: Everything you need to know about the Constitutional Commission’s recommendations for the Elected Presidency in 60 seconds

Zika Outbreak

– Yahoo! SG: Singapore Zika strains’ ‘Asian lineage’ dates back to 1960s
– Thoughts of a Cynical Investor: Zika: Blame the right ministry cybernuts

It’s the economy, stupid!

– Mostly Economics: Why economics should be concerned with disappearance of teaching of economic history and history of thought?

Foreign Affairs

– CogitAsia: The Hangzhou G20 Summit: The Ambiguous Gap between Aspiration & Action

Belabouring Labour Issues

– Five Stars and a Moon: Freelancing, or really just unemployable?

Educate Our Youth

– The Asian Parent: 8 Research-backed tips for more effective studying

Singapore Arts Scene

– Notabilia: Singapore Writers Festival 2016

Alternative Media

– Musings From the Lion City: Do Not Trust The Internet

Daily Disclosure

– Mothership.sg: SBS Transit bus captain shields passengers from rain as he is worried they might get sick
– Tan Kin Lian: My Actuarial Journey – Tan Kin Lian

Bread and Butter

– Money Smart: 5 Ways Fashionistas Go Broke in Singapore
– The Smart Local: 10 Jobs You Will Proudly Declare On Social Media

Singapore Food Paradise

– Mothership.sg: Central Perk cafe as seen on Friends sitcom opening in S’pore in November 2016
– DanielFoodDiary: 11 Very BLUE Food & Drinks In Singapore. And Not Just Unicorn Tears
– The Ranting Panda: Snippets: Antoinette’s Fetish Chocolat is the Ultimate Chocolate Lover Dream | 23 Chocolate items including Savoury and Sweet treats

Regardless of Race, Language or Religion

– Singapore 2B: Jiak Ba Buay
– New Nation: 6 Chinese men vying to be Prime Minister a testament to S’pore’s multi-racial society

Technology Bytes

– e27: Pokémon GO to release companion device next week; major game updates in the works
– Vulcan Post: Super Mario Run Is Coming To The iPhone! – Singaporeans React
– Dollars and Sense: Battery Explosions Will Not Be The Death Of Samsung Electronics
– TechinAsia: Apple’s ‘courageous’ headphone change is actually anything but

Investment Matters

– The New Savvy: Risks of Structured Products & Why You Should Reconsider Them

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