Makeup is a burden imposed on women by men and the beauty industry

The big lie: “the fact that wearing makeup at work makes you feel confident”

How about, “having the required skill-set for the job makes you feel confident”?

Whilst all men need to do is have the standard appropriate clothing to walk onto a job, society clings to these out-dated ideas that women must get painted before leaving the house.

Not only does this burden women with additional expenses, but it results with many applying products that lead to health problems, whether mild allergic reactions or rashes to skin cancer.

Way to go society!

If women can manage to achieve true equality in society one day then the daily practice of applying multiple layers of chemicals on their faces might become a fading memory.

(Anyway, in a tropical climate like Singapore’s, the natural humidity is the best skin care advantage anyone could hope for. You only really need some form of skin hydration product if you live in very dry regions, unless your skin is extremely dry, but that can be addressed with a change in diet.)

Of course, the USD 382 billion beauty care industry will continue to destroy women’s self-esteem and do everything it can to sabotage women’s confidence, ironically doing so using the same money that was received from their female customers!

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Thomas Timlen is a freelance writer, blogger, photographer, graphic artist and researcher based in Singapore. He blogs at The Inside Story.

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  1. A note from the writer: Just in case anyone missed it, this blog was written in response to the earlier blog that appeared on The Singapore Daily titled “Ladies might end up spending 1000% more to follow “no-make up” trend” that was ‘produced by published on 9 September.

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