How to save up to 32% on ice cream in Cold Storage!

Regular readers know that I have a big weakness for ice cream.

So, it should not be surprising that whenever I visit the supermarkets, I would go to the frozen food section and take a look at the tubs of yummy ice cream.
However, I never pay full price for ice cream in the supermarkets. Even as I give in to my weakness, I insist on having value for money. If it is not value for money, AK does not buy!
OK, I feel better now. See how weak I am?
So, what is the “lobang” this time? This:
This is an ongoing special offer. This was taken at the branch in Bugis Junction. I don’t know if the special offer is available at all the Cold Storage supermarkets in Singapore but if you have a weakness for ice cream like I have, this is a chance to buy “atas” ice cream on the cheap. The special offer ends tomorrow.
How did I pay for my purchase?
1. $15 discounted CapitaMalls shopping vouchers! So, I save another 9.1% or $1.36.
2. I am a Passion Card member. So, I received some TapForMore points which are equivalent to about 13c for the $19.99 purchase.
3. I paid the balance of $4.99 using the NETS Flashpay function in my OCBC Frank Card. So, I save another 6% or about 30c. I also receive 6 chances to win a condominium in a lucky draw happening end of next year. Well, one could always hope, right?
Extra savings = $1.79. I know how some people would sniff at the savings but in terms of percentage, it is a big deal. Believe me when I say that savings do add up. To people who think what I am doing to save money is nonsense, sorry, but I cannot change. This is me.
I am losing the battle of the bulge to happiness in a tub!
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