Challenging Hillary Clinton is NOT misogyny.

After the US presidential debate, and in fact, throughout the hustings, many, especially media outlets, are peddling the narrative that disliking Hillary Clinton is tantamount to misogyny. Huffington Post is perhaps the chief culprit in this regard: the outlet is fast becoming the Fox News of the left. And people thought MSNBC was bad.

Not everything is sexism. No doubt, some of the grievances directed against Hillary are unquestionably motivated by prejudice against women: complaining that she is ‘too loud’ (incidentally, those who dislike loud women may not like my family too much!), arguing that she does not have the ‘look’, or just stating outright that women are not as capable to lead.

But questioning her integrity and honesty, stances on wars and foreign invasions, her role in the Obama’s administration’s war on terror including drone strikes, and many others, surely cannot be interpreted as misogynistic.

Voting for Hillary because she is a woman, is no less bigoted than voting for Trump because he is not.

Disliking Trump does not mean immediately adoring Hillary.

Voting for Hillary does not mean offering her unconditional support, as it could just be that a calculation is made that she will do less damage.

Viewing the world in binaries is rarely helpful. The world, especially politics, is often more nuanced, and characterised by many shades of grey.



Walid J. Abdullah

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