Daily SG: 30 Sep 2016

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Regulating Lee Kuan Yew

– The Middle Ground: Mystery deepens over secret tapes of Lee Kuan Yew

Mind Our Own Business

– Vulcan Post: These 12 Malaysian Brands Bit Into The PPAP Craze For Their Advertising Strategies


– 2econdsight: The Truth Behind The Beauty Of Tharman (Part 1)

Save Our World

– The Smart Local: We Tried 2 Zero Waste Experiments And Here’s The Trash An Average Singaporean Generates

The Elected Presidency

– Thoughts of Real Singaporeans: The Government should stop disqualifying Tan Cheng Bock time and time again.
– Yahoo! SG: Tan Cheng Bock’s daughter slams REACH over post on cancelled EP forum
– The Independent Singapore: Government’s feedback unit singles out Tan Cheng Bock

Foreigners In Our Midst

– TWC2: If “boss say carry more, I also cannot say no,” — Imran injures his back despite ministry’s safe load limit

Health Check

– Andrew Loh: “They will come at 6am to prepare you.”

Singapore Pools Bets on Online Betting

– The Online Citizen: MHA to issue exemption certificate to Singapore Pools and Turfclub for online betting services
– Mothership.sg: According to the media, turns out “online gambling” isn’t being allowed, but “online betting” is

Foreign Affairs

– My Singapore News: Hugh White – Don’t be so presumptious

Uniquely Singapore

– Mothership.sg: See if you can spot familiar places in this 1987 ride through Singapore
– The Long and Winding Road: Welcoming the stars of the Big Dipper

Daily Disclosure

– Mostly Economics: How did white become the main color for bridal outfits? (historical tale of economics and marketing)
– DUM FATA SINUNT, VIVITE LAETI: Is the Queen’s English really the Queen’s English?
– Five Stars and a Moon: Men in SCDF uniform having sex – What happened in the end?

Bread and Butter

– Dollars and Sense: How Much Can You Afford To Withdraw From Your Retirement Fund?

The Travel Bug

– Money Smart: 3 Tips for Successfully Using Couchsurfing to Stay With Locals For Free When You Travel

Singapore Food Paradise

– ladyironchef: 10 Cafes & Restaurants In Sentosa You Must Dine At
– DanielFoodDiary: Craftholic Café – 1st Pop-Up Café In Singapore At Kki, So Cute You Cannot Resist
– The Ranting Panda: Food Review: Shukuu Izakaya at Stanley Street | Best Japanese Izakaya in CBD?
– The Ordinary Patrons: Crystal Jade Kitchen at Centrepoint

Technology Bytes

– Mothership.sg: Are self-driving cars really such a big deal?

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