Credit Awareness Campaign returns with 2nd installment

SINGAPORE, 12 OCTOBER, Singapore’s #1 financial comparison platform and a part of the CompareAsiaGroup, is pleased to announce the latest instalment of Singapore’s first and only Credit Awareness campaign. Consumers can attend Financial Literacy Workshops organized by and Credit Bureau Singapore, and learn how to read credit reports and get tips on how to improve credit scores; as well as download credit reports for free by registering online at

States Rohith Murthy, Co-founder and Managing Director of who will speak on how to keep your debts under control at the Financial Literacy Workshops: “The goal of the Credit Awareness campaign is to promote better financial and credit literacy in Singapore. Your credit report is your financial health card. Which is why from now till 31 December 2016, is giving away free credit reports so that Singaporeans can know their credit score and manage their credit health better in order to secure credit cards, home and personal loans.”

How to Get Your Free Credit Report

Step 1: Sign up to get your free voucher. Register for the campaign here to claim voucher for your free credit report. Ensure that you use your full legal name – the same one in Credit Bureau Singapore’s database.

Step 2: Click onto Credit Bureau Singapore’s website. Upon successful registration, you will receive an email with the unique voucher code to claim the credit report. Note that you must follow the link indicated on the button to claim the free report – there is no option on Credit Bureau Singapore’s website to redeem the voucher.

Step 3: Log in using your SingPass ID. Click the orange button to bring you to Credit Bureau Singapore’s website. To continue, you must log in with your SingPass ID.

Step 4: Fill in your personal information.

Step 5: Enter voucher code.

Step 6: View your credit report. *Free credit reports are available in limited quantity. and Credit Bureau Singapore own the right to discontinue this promotion without prior notice.

Step 7: Learn more about your credit report. Find out how to interpret your credit report and learn tips on how to improve your credit score, Click HERE to sign up for and Credit Bureau Singapore’s Financial Literacy Workshop: Happening this 1 November 2016 and 20 December 2016., Singapore’s go-to personal finance comparison platform, guides consumers on the best money habits with its credit card comparison tool and allows real-time personal loans product comparison.

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