Daily SG: 12 Oct 2016

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Aging in Singapore

– The Middle Ground: Wearing diapers with dignity

Educate Our Young

– Five Stars and a Moon: Of course, teachers should work after office hours

The Elected Presidency

– Singapore Public Law: Singapore’s Constitutional Commission: Altering the Elected Presidency to Ensure Multiracialism

Foreigners In Our Midst

– Leong Sze Hian: 196,900 local jobs – 202,254 new PRs, 57,775 new citizens?

Daily Disclosure

– chickenbackside: On Journalism and one of those days…
– Mothership.sg: Looks like driver of blue Lamborghini has been hauled up by police for insane overtaking

Countering The Terrorist Threat

– crazyrandomchatter: What part does every Singaporean play in countering terrorism?

Health Check

– smallwheelsbigsmile: Cycling back to health

Mind Our Own Business

– Singapore Man of Leisure: How to double your income in sales
– The Motley Fool Singapore: CapitaLand Mall Trust’s Retail Experiments May Reveal the Future of Singapore Malls

Foreign Affairs

– My Singapore News: Duterte has opened the eyes of the Pinoys

Singapore’s Diplomatic Relations

– Mothership.sg: PM Lee to speak to Australian MPs in parliament – the first S’porean PM ever to do so

Technology Bytes

– Alvinology: Local Note 7 Owners Demanding Refunds from Samsung
– Studentry.sg: Going, Going, Gone? The Decline of Pokémon Go

The Travel Bug

– Money Smart: How to Go on a Week-Long Holiday to Amsterdam For Less Than $1,700

Singapore Food Paradise

– Rubbish Eat Rubbish Grow: Kin Cow, Chinatown Point: Popular Thai Beef Noodles Using Premium Imported Beef/a>
– Bumble Bee Mum:
Eating our way arond Singapore Marina Bay Area
– SG Food on Foot: Man Man Japanese Unagi @ Keong Saik Road – Teppei Lastest Unagi Specialty Restaurant

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