Daily SG: 30 Nov 2016

Credit: A Good Citizen

Foreign Affairs

– Blogging For Myself: The most un-American President
– Asian Correspondent: What Hong Kong’s ‘Oathgate’ says about China’s global role

Singapore’s Diplomatic Relations

– Singapore Daily: Should Singaporeans support petition demanding PM Lee apologize to China?
– The Middle Ground: Terrex tank seizure: Hold your fire
– My Singapore News: What One China policy means to China Singapore relations?
– Thoughts of a Cynical Investor: Double standards: S’pore can change position, China cannot isit?

Love/Hate Our Public Servants

– Singapore Daily: Embarrassing lack of consultation and foresight for MOT and LTA initiatives

Save Our Earth

– Popular Science: Google Earth update shows how climate change has morphed our planet

Educate Our Youth

– Mothership.sg: S’pore students come in 1st out of 57 countries in international math and science tests

Mind Our Own Business

– e27: Just for fun: 9GAG Co-Founder and CEO Ray Chan on harnessing user-generated content and engaging millennials

Daily Disclosure

– TheSmartLocal: 10 Singapore Laws And Secrets Even Singaporeans Don’t Know About
– Mothership.sg: It turns out Nasi Lemak is not only a super tasty dish, ang mohs considers it high fashion as well
– MoneySmart.sg: 3 Steps To Transform Yourself From That Guy Who Knows Nobody To Someone With Tons of Business Contacts

Bread and Butter

– Singapore Daily: 6 Ways To Save On A Driver’s License in Singapore
– Dollars and Sense: Thinking Of Being An Insurance Agent? Here Is What You Should Be Prepared For (Part One: Salary)

Singapore Food Paradise

– Working With Grace: Olivia & Co at Sengkang’s Compass One
– The Ordinary Patrons: Ji Xiang Ang Ku Kueh
– TheSmartLocal: Job Hunting In Singapore Is Now Easier With These 2 New Features
– Mothership.sg: 7 fast food cravings that can never get fulfilled again because they’re off the menu

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