Daily SG: 7 Dec 2016

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It’s the economy, stupid!

– MoneySmart.sg: Is the Slowing Economy Really Going to Be That Bad for Singaporeans?
– Thoughts of a Cynical Investor: Economic restructuring: This time, it’s really different

Educate Our Youth

– Another dot in the blogosphere?: Reflecting on our TIMMS and PISA rankings
– Asian Correspondent: Singapore teens trump global peers in international student benchmarking study

Either/Or: Civil Society Activism/Politics

– Tan Kin Lian: How well did Singapore fare on human rights?
– Function 8: A Miscarriage of Justice

Countering The Terrorist Threat

– The Independent Singapore: Police urge public not to circulate unsubstantiated messages on terror attacks in Singapore


– Dollars and Sense: Why Singapore’s Medishield Life Is A Well Designed Healthcare System

Foreign Affairs

– Blogging For Myself: Six lessons for all about Trump

Daily Disclosure

– The Middle Ground: How to cut $26 million to $8 million
– Limpeh Is Foreign Talent: Reality TV, haters and social media

Bread and Butter

– Leong Sze Hian: Design industry overrun by foreigners: Really?

Singapore Food Paradise

– AspirantSG: Best Restaurants To Splurge & Pamper Yourself In Singapore Part 1
– Chubby Hubby: A very special Hokkaido menu at The Naked Finn
– Miss Tam Chiak: 7 Relaxing Cafés in Punggol for an Enjoyable Weekend
– Rubbish Eat Rubbish Grow: Best Food 2016 Part VI: 10 Best Restaurants in Singapore
– DanielFoodDiary: Greyhound Café Singapore – Famous Bangkok Café Opens At Paragon, Check Out The Awesome Prices

Technology Bytes

– e27: The future of e-commerce: The road ahead for online and offline retail
– SmiTHANKyou: Catching Up, Catching Em.

Discounts and Deals in Singapore

– MoneyDigest.sg: 24-HOUR ONLY: Pay $25 for $50 cash voucher for Dancing Crab, Mellben Seafood, Jamie’s Italian, Saveur, TungLok & more. (7 Dec 16)

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