Singapore’s transport fares are cheapest in the world. So what?

Its a fact. Train fares in Singapore are among the lowest compared to other major cities around the world. 

For a 10km rail journey, commuters pay S$1.33, the 6th cheapest in a comparison of 36 cities across Asia, Australia, Europe and North America.

The study, which was conducted by SIM University, was released by the Public Transport Council (PTC) on its blog on Monday (Dec 6).


What this means for Singaporeans.

1 – You don’t need that car.

We all know that owning a car is a liability. You can take uber, grab, comfort taxis, what have you, daily and it will still cost less than owning a car.

Better save up for your house. It’s a better investment.

2 – Be prepared for a fare hike. Because you know la ah – Pay And Pay.

The increment will be marginal but  I have no doubt that it will still be affordable. But an increase is unavoidable and no body likes a fare hike no matter how small. But too bad. Suck it up because 70% voted for it. Enjoy the cheap fares while it last.

3 –More people will be taking the train, you can expect the backlash to be of mammoth proportions in case the train break downs.

Mr Khaw has one heck of a job but essentially one job only-  Ensure that train run smoothly come high hell or water. People do not care to try and understand a situation. The train is only as good as its last service to the commuters. Things are indeed getting better, with Min Khaw setting targets as huge as his pay check ( and rightly so).

However, despite the potential train breakdowns, you still don’t need a car (see point 1)

Not every one can boast staying in a first world country with one of the most affordable train rides in the world. Count your blessings people.

Happy Holidays!



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