Should investors rush to multiasset funds or rely on CPF for retirement?

A “special feature” (what I would call an advertorial or sponsored blog post if it were to appear in my blog which it won’t) by a fund manager in The EDGE:

“Your CPF may prove inadequate upon retirement because of several factors.”

The fund manager suggests “that both young and middle aged workers can invest in multi asset funds for diversification benefits.” Do this and retire smart.

AK didn’t do this.

How like that? AK in trouble?

Is AK going to run to the fund manager and put some money in multi asset funds? AK will kaypoh a bit and respond to the 4 points raised first.

Point for point:

1. Be prudent in using our CPF-OA money. Remember, our CPF money is primarily for retirement funding. Just because it can be used for other purposes does not mean that it should be.

2. If we have excess money in the CPF-OA (i.e. no other use for the money), think about doing OA to SA transfer to earn higher interest of 4% to 5% per annum. Think about possibly doing cash top ups to the CPF-SA and enjoy income tax relief (for the first $7K of top up per year).

3. Don’t use our CPF money for investments (unless Mr. Market makes us offers we cannot refuse). Think of the CPF as the investment grade bond component of our portfolio.

4. Have a good annuity that will pay us for life and the answer is, yes, CPF Life.

Aiyoh, simi answers? AK just talking rubbish again, right? I blur.

No one cares more about our money than we do.

Don’t do silly things like asking barbers if we need a haircut and we can retire smart too.



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