MOE putting children back on cleaning duty, military style? Yes please.

Earlier this week, the Ministry of Education told Straits Times that students from primary school to JC level will have to clean their classrooms, canteens and corridors daily from next school term onwards. (Toilets not included.)

Maybe Education Minister LG(NS) Ng Chee Meng wants to instill some military-style regimentation into schools?

Not that it is necessarily a bad thing.

Supposedly, this will help students “cultivate good habits for life”.

I remember many, many years ago when people my age were in school, we had a duty roster. During recess, students turns to clean their classrooms – sweep floor, clear dustbin, clean the blackboard (and end up with a lot of chalk stains on dark colour uniforms).

Why they stopped it and when, I don’t know, but I FULLY SAPPORK.

Kids these days are so pampered – by parents, grandparents, and when they go to school, teachers are scared to physically punish them because they scared kena whack by the parents and principal.

If you read the ST article, it is full of people who support it, except for one female lone ranger who felt such activities may not be appropriate for the younger ones, who “may get tired easily and lose focus on their studies”.

(Ok, never screenshot cause don’t want to name and shame.)



Either this woman is daft, or she didn’t need to do cleaning duty back in school or any housework at home. And her kids are going to suck at multitasking when they grow up. The boss ask them to do A, B and supervise C and assist on D, they only stop at A because they got tired and lose focus. Good luck to those who have to work with them.

And good luck also to the woman because I don’t know how she is going to get her kids to help with housework at home, if she doesn’t start them young.

Then again, maybe she lives in a big landed house with enough maids to help clean up after her and her kids. So no need to learn how to even do basic things like pick up litter from the floor. Or carry their own bag.



Elite really have damn good life, and us peasants just have to suck it up and deal with it.

Ok end of rant.



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