Lee Wei Ling and Lee Hsien Loong’s family rift far from over

It is no secret that Dr Lee Wei Ling and her elder brother, PM Lee differed in principles.
She accused Lee Hsien Loong of abusing his power to build a dynasty. She even went as far as to call him ‘a dishonorable son’ and insisted that she would not allow her father’s name to be sullied by him. Despite PM Lee’s clarifications and explanations, she went on and on about her personal grievances.

Domestic quarrel of epic proportions. We get it. It happens in every family.

Last week, amidst the tension between China and Singapore over comments on the South China Sea and the confiscated Terrexs, Lee Wei Ling commented about China’s Anti-Corruption Campaign and implied that it was nothing but a tool in a power struggle.

Chinese media like Phoenix News immediately picked it up. Even our socio-political sites gave her comments significant online space. We swear, we could hear the gasps behind those computers.

Although Singaporeans are very much aware of her personal agenda, Nations (especially China) may not understand the undercurrents and may take her comments as a start of a diplomatic incident.. After all, countries have gone to war for far lesser reasons (Examples)

Dr Lee Wei Ling does not represent anyone but herself. She does not talk on behalf of Singaporeans or the establishment.

As the daughter of the late Mr Lee Kuan Yew, she is a dignitary (of sorts) and she knew her words (although incoherent at times) carry weight

We think that the family feud is far from over.

We think that she is saying these things precisely so as to discredit PM further and chip away his standing with China because a ‘weak ‘PM would serve her agenda well.

Will her personal vendetta have consequences to Singaporeans  and Singapore’s future? Will she be the LEE that destroy her father’s legacy?  

Well, that would be a story now wouldn’t it.




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