Daily SG: 25 Jan 2017

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Singapore’s Diplomatic Relations

– cogitASIA: Prepare for a Stormy 2017 in the South China Sea
– Asian Correspondent: Malaysia: Two CNA journalists, 16 indigenous people arrested in logging protest
– Wild Singapore: Singapore, Cambodia Say Sand Exports Have Stopped

Terrex Gate

– Thoughts of a Cynical Investor: TerrexGate: Lest we forget
– The Independent SG: Hong Kong to release detained Terrexes soon – PM Lee thanks HK Chief
– New Nation: China returning tanks when S’pore turns 65
– Yahoo News Singapore: Detained Terrex vehicles will be returned to Singapore: MFA
– Yahoo News Singapore: Probe into Singapore’s Terrexes ‘might lead to criminal prosecution’: HK Customs

Daily Disclosure

– Yawning Bread: Fake alarms from fake news
– MothershipSG: Lawyer-poet’s bold speech about arts in S’pore triggers tender exchange between her & Prof Tommy Koh
– The Independent SG: Amos Yee’s mom: I encouraged him to leave Singapore
– S M Ong: More than just a voice: Juanita Melson remembered
– The Nanyang Chronicle: Lending ears to NTU’s deaf students

Artbox Singapore

-Money Digest: Artbox Bangkok – Thailand’s Hippiest Pop-up ‘Container Market’ is coming to Singapore!
– Daniel Food Diary: Artbox Singapore – Bangkok’s Container Market Coming To Singapore At Marina Bay In April
– Lady Iron Chef: Bangkok’s Famous Market Artbox is coming to Singapore this April

Chinese New Year 2017

– The Online Citizen: ICA: Expect longer waiting time at the checkpoints on Thursday to Tuesday
– 365days2play: What is open during Chinese New Year 2017?
– Miss Tam Chiak: 21 Best Restaurants for Reunion Feasts this Chinese New Year
– Daniel Food Diary: 4 Awesome Yu Sheng And Chinese New Year Meals You Can Deliveroo Home
– Money Digest: Major supermarkets to run limited-time offers for Chinese New Year
– Dollars and Sense: CNY “Ang Pow Guides”? Here’s Why We Think People Need To Stop Relying On Them

Technology Bytes

– Techie Lobang: Download SINmoji, Singlish Emoji Keyboard, for Free Now
– e27: Unauthorised VPNs are now illegal in China

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