Seditious site publish misleading article to divide Muslims in Singapore

I am a Muslim in Singapore.

I hated the episode when K Shanmugam had to keep reminding my community to greet Merry Christmas.

We worked hard to get where we are now and we do not need a few radical individuals or clueless and misinformed readers to tarnish our efforts.

I also know a seditious site when I see one.

Alex Tan Zhixiang is the editor for The States Times Review. Although self-exiled in Australia,  he reports on socio-political events in Singapore.

Personally, I am all about alternative news.

But their latest article made me fume. It was not only inaccurate but it also painted a very petty narrative of my community.

Some Muslims have to give their Friday prayers in the open air due to the insufficient number of mosques in Singapore. On Friday (Jan 27), Al-Istighfar Mosque in Pasir Ris had to build a temporary prayer facility to accommodate an additional 500. The mosque which could cater for 3,500, but during the prayer session, some Muslims have to use blue canvass sheets laid out in the open air.

According to Islamic teachings, the Office of Mufti ruled that praying in the open air or in any temporary shelter facility outside of a mosque violate the Islamic religion requirements.

MUIS and its mosques have continuously reminded people to plan their routes and choose their prayer sites so that they can distribute themselves evenly throughout Singapore.

Muslims are not short of space to perform their Friday prayers. The spaces have been increasing over the years and is set to increase further – 24,7000 Muslim prayer spaces by 2018 (since 2009).

The States Times Review is deliberately spreading falsehoods. It confuses the non-Muslims who in turn gets more confused when Muslims explained to them otherwise.

Members of the community have made police reports but Alex just brushed them aside in the name of ‘free speech’.

Be careful with the articles you read. Some are malicious and seek to provoke your beliefs and generate negative sentiments because of their personal agendas

That is why we need to call them out and call out people who shared those articles.



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