Daily SG: 9 Feb 2017

Credit: Muffinsaurs

A History of Singapore

– MothershipSG: This rare 1960s film on S’pore’s economy reveals we were once big-time farmers and shippers

Presidential Elections

– The Independent SG: Chan Chun Sing is wrong that Marsiling-Yew Tee don’t need a minority MP

Daily Disclosure

– Under the Angsana Tree: Iskandar Malaysia: Why are the Chinese here?
– The Online Citizen: Taking Tharman’s ‘Inclusive Prosperity’ seriously

Bread and Butter

– Vulcan Post: LTA Lays Down The Law On Grab And Uber – Unleashes Measures To ‘Level’ The Playing Field With Taxis

Singapore Food Paradise

– Ordinary Patrons: Kampong Chicken Eating House
– The Smart Local: 7 Unique Yong Tau Foo Variations You Can Find in Singapore
– i eat &eat: Jing Hua Xiao Chi 京华小吃 – One of the best dumplings around

Technology Bytes

– MothershipSG: Wearable device seemingly translates between English, Chinese, and Japanese almost instantaneously

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