Weekly Round-up – What everyone is talking about: 13 Feb 2017 – 17 Feb 2017

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What’s in a name?

15 Feb 2017 was the 75th anniversary of the fall of Singapore. Aside from the revisiting of that horrific time in history, there was much debate over the naming of Synonan Gallery: War and Its Legacies.

On another note, the name of an energy drink (“Pussy”) also raised some eyebrows and drew some complaints, resulting in a review by the Advertising Standard Authority of Singapore (ASAS). ASAS concluded that “the advertisement has breached the “Decency” guideline in the Singapore Code of Advertising Practice.”

A group of people are  going further back in history, hoping to bring back the traditional clothing of the Han Chinese (from whom most Singaporean Chinese are descended) – the Hanfu.

ICYMI – Prominent Human Rights lawyer M Ravi is lending his voice to animal rights on 5th March – Sentient Beings? Time to Give a Voice to Animals in Court”


Revisiting our history

– Senang Diri: An albatross we need to nix: History weighs down appreciation of Singapore’s naval forces

Singapore’s first TV station

– NLB: launch of singapore’s first television station
– Ghetto Singapore: Launch of Singapore’s First Television Station

The Hanfu Revival

– Through the Lens: Dress of the Dynasties

The Japanese Occupation

– MothershipSG: 4 intriguing stories of how 4 of S’pore’s founding fathers survive the Japanese Occupation
– Yahoo News Singapore: Working on Death Railway was ‘horrific’: Australian World War II POWs

In a name – Synonan Gallery: War and Its Legacies

– The Dead Cockroach: Syonan Gallery: War and its legacies
– Bumble Bee Mum: Syonan Gallery – So what’s inside?
– The Online Citizen: Syonan – The Museum of Betrayal
– Yahoo News Singapore: Yaacob: ‘Syonan Gallery’ isn’t named to endorse the Japanese Occupation

Meet The Parents

– #asinglelove: stand up for single parents

Uniquely Singapore

– MothershipSG: 5 things to know about S’pore’s Eurasian community that gave us Benjamin Sheares and Joseph Schooling

It’s the economy, stupid!

– Yahoo News Singapore: Most Singaporeans want Budget 2017 to focus on economy: Survey

Technology Bytes

This week, some tips and reminders on cyber security. Constant vigilance! And other things.

– e27: 6 ways to ensure the Force is strong with your passwords
– the next web: This creepy Facebook tool is revealing a LOT about you [updated]
– Vulcan Post: Huawei Gears Up To Conquer The Global Smartphone Market, And Singapore Will Be A Key Battlefield

Daily Disclosure

– Marketing Interactive: ASAS calls out Pussy energy drink advertiser for advertising code breach

Singapore Food Paradise

– Pinky Pinggu: Mak’s Noodle Singapore Launches NEW, The BIGGER, The BETTER Menu! Branches At Centrepoint, Westgate & Vivocity.

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