Daily SG: 14 Mar 2017

Credit: SGAG

Educating Our Youth

– The Online Citizen: Ong Ye Kung: Singapore’s education system going through “overwhelming adjustment”

Daily Disclosure

– PublichouseSG: Town Councils – WP Raises Stakes, PAP Demurs & Drags Public Service into Political Arena T
– The New Savvy: Do You Really Need Travel Insurance?
– twc2: TWC2 and HOME submit joint shadow report on Bangladesh re Migrant Worker Convention

Beauty and the Beast

– MothershipSG: S’pore Anglican Bishop alerts congregation to Beauty And The Beast homosexual content
– New Nation: Highly religious S’poreans okay with bestiality but not homosexuality in Beauty And The Beast
– Comic Book: Alan Menken Disagrees On Comments Of LeFou Being Openly Gay
– Daily Dot: How ‘Beauty and the Beast’s gay character turned into an international PR fiasco

Wild Singapore

– Wild Shores of Singapore: Make a difference for the Sisters Islands Marine Park!

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