Daily SG: 24 Mar 2017

Credit: SGAG

Daily Disclosure

– A Singaporean Son: Should Singapore Make Protesting Legal?
– MothershipSG: Netflix uses Yishun to promote Stranger Things series
– PublichouseSG: Highblood’s racist promo – Ignorance rather than malice

Bread and Butter

– The Online Citizen: Price of formula milk in Singapore has gone up by nearly 40%
– Dollars and Sense SG: Are Singapore Taxi Companies Ganging Up Against Local Commuters?

Investments in Singapore

– Tech In Asia: Central bank of Singapore wants to set up new framework for investment funds

Technology Bytes

– Yahoo News Singapore: Amazon postpones Singapore launch to ‘later this year’: report

Terrex Gate

– The Online Citizen: Hong Kong customs to press charges against shipping company and captain of ship for transporting Terrex ICVs

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