Daily SG: 27 Mar 2017

Credit: SGAG

Countering the Terrorist Threat

– MothershipSG: Mas Selamat Kestari planned his prison break for a month in 2008

Uniquely Singapore

– The long and winding road: Singapore in untypical light

Hate Speech or Free Speech

– If Only Singaporeans Stopped To Think: Amos Yee gets US asylum; Singapore says it’s America’s prerogative
– The Online Citizen: MHA: US adopts a different standard from Singapore towards hate speech
– Melisa Chen: It’s public now: Amos Yee has been granted asylum in the United States.
– New Nation: S’poreans see through Amos Yee’s plan: Do anything just to get out of NS

Daily Disclosure

– Singapore Policy Journal: How Immigrants Don’t Want Other Immigrants We’ve been extraordinary in economic development. We can be as good at defeating xenophobia.

Technology Bytes

– e27: Is Alibaba battle with counterfeit goods getting any better?

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