Daily SG: 9 May 2017

Credit: MGAG

Healthcare & Healthcare Providers

– Yahoo News Singapore: Meet animal assisted therapist Maureen Huang: The dog-tor is here

Educating Our Youth

– The New Era: Singapore’s Education System Cannot Match 21st Century Economy

Daily Disclosure

– The Indepedent SG: Netizen criticises karaoke sessions and ‘gangster rituals’ at modern Malay weddings
– Thoughts of a Cynical Investor: From conception to death, the PAP looks after S’poreans
– TWC2: Today Newspaper Highlights TWC2 Work Fatigue Study

Singapore Food Paradise

– Daniel Food Diary: Haráru Izakaya – 1st Muslim Owned Izakaya in Singapore, For Japanese Food With Tatami Dining Experience

Countering the Terrorist Threat

– Asian Correspondent: Indonesia moves to dissolve Islamic group that supports caliphate

Star Wars Day

– Alvinology: Singapore’s Very First Star Wars Run

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