Daily SG: 17 May 2017

Credit: SGAG

Foreign Affairs

– Foreign Affairs: Resisting Authoritarian Populism: Lessons From/For Singapore

Bread and Butter

– Value Penguin: Are Taxi Rides to Changi Airport Ripping You Off?
– mrbrown.com: Kim Huat and Milk Powder

Daily Disclosure

– Channel News Asia: 5 governments, 5 HDBs, 5 MOEs: Tay Kheng Soon on decentralisation for creativity
– MothershipSG: S’pore is safe but creeping on girls & women in public is not okay, okay?
– The Online Citizen: A signal to exercise the inalienable rights of free citizens despite the threat of ISA and the law

Singapore Food Paradise

– Daniel Food Diary: 10 Must Try Stalls At Hong Lim Food Centre – Curry Noodles, Bak Chor Mee, Handmade Sotong Ball Soup

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