Daily SG: 7 Jun 2017

Credit: SGAG

Countering the Terrorist Threat

– Publichouse.sg: Shanmugam’s Bluntness is Timely

Daily Disclosure

– The Turbulent Times: The Curious Case of the Pink Wig
– Function 8: Statement (6 June 2017)
– The Independent SG: Grab leaving Malaysia is Kuala Lumpur’s loss to Singapore

Presidential Election

– MothershipSG: Presidential hopeful Second Chance CEO Salleh Marican struggles to speak Malay

Uniquely Singapore

– MothershipSG: Coffee in plastic bag apparently weird as hell to people not from S’pore

Singapore Food Paradise

– Pinky Piggu: Misato Japanese Restaurant @ The Centrepoint ~ Quality Dishes At Affordable Prices. The Warabi Mochi Is Unforgettable!

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