Daily SG: 19 Jun 2017

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We Want Human LGBT Rights

– MothershipSG: Facebook, Google & Uber requested permission from police to take part in Pink Dot. Rejected.

History of Singapore

– MothershipSG: Joe Balestier, first American consul to S’pore, gave present day food haven its name

Daily Disclosure

– The Singapore Beacon: The Sorry State Of Modern Islam

Counter Terrorism

– onwardsingapore: Why We Must Resist Our Instinct To Flight

38 Oxley Road

– Air-Conditioned Nation: The House of Lee
– Thoughts of a Cynical Investor: LKY, PM not above the law: Dr Lee, LHY and cybernut friends
– Yahoo News Singapore: COMMENT: House of Lee feud takes on national significance
– The Online Citizen: Lee Hsien Yang: Information that DPM Teo released what the two siblings have been asking for
– The Hieno: When Smart People Play: The Familee Saga From A PR Perspective
– The Middle Ground: FamiLEE saga: From 38 Oxley Road to 1 Parliament Place, not just a family affair
– The Middle Ground: FamiLEE saga: Some leeway should be given
– I Tahan You Very Long Already: Common Lies about Oxley 38

Singapore Food Paradise

– Miss Tam Chiak: 99 Bistro and Kitchen – NEW bamboo biryani in Singapore!
– Daniel Food Diary: Lunar Coffee Brewers – Fusion Rice Bowls and Cold Brew At Downtown Gallery, By Atlas Coffeehouse.

Tech In Asia

– Tech In Asia: Video: The weird world of Facebook Live auctions

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