Daily SG: 28 Jun 2017

Credit: Evacomics

Daily Disclosure

– RICE: Just Like Us: Inside the Lives of Singapore’s Jehovah’s Witnesses
– MothershipSG: 5 extra takeaways on Singapore foreign policy from Bilahari Kausikan’s book launch

38 Oxley Road

– Spuddings.net: The Lee feud is not about the house – it’s about the story
– Publichouse.sg: Let’s not twist Lee Kuan Yew’s words – He wanted his house demolished, period

Meet the Parents

– theAsianparent: A Very Wise Dad Explains Why You Shouldn’t Be Embarrassed By Toddler Tantrums

Bread and Butter

– Value Penguin: Should You Use One Bank for Your Every Financial Need?

Singapore Food Paradise

– Lady Iron Chef: Waffletown – Old-School Fast Food Restaurant With Legit Fried Chicken and Waffles

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