Daily SG: 7 Jul 2017

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38 Oxley Road

– MothershipSG: Yeoh Lam Keong succinctly explains why Oxley Road should not be considered a memorial site
– The Online Citizen: Irene Ng: “Demolish the house, end the saga now, and let’s all move on”
– Yahoo News Singapore: COMMENT: An elephant in the room lurks in the Lee family feud

We Want Human LGBT Rights

– Desparatebeep: What is the Purpose of 377A?

Foreign Affairs

– Human Rights Watch: Philippine Officials Propose ‘Muslims Only’ ID
– RSIS: CO17130 | US-China: Competing Amidst Two Transitions

Daily Disclosure

– Kent Ridge Common: The Crime of Not Feeling Guilty
– Vulcan Post: 8 S’pore Women Reveal Their Workplace Sexual Harassment Stories – “My Boss Tried To ‘Pimp Me Out'”

Bread and Butter

– Value Penguin: Why Consumers Need to be Ready for a Continued Rise in Bank Fees

Technology Bytes

– e27: MyRepublic seeks US$72.3M funding; plans to IPO by early 2019
– Alvinology: Photobucket changes service terms, charges users $400 a year to hotlink

Singapore Food Paradise

– Unscrambled.sg: 6 Halal restaurants in Singapore you should totally check out
– The Smart Local: 7 Soba Restaurants In Singapore That Will Hijack Your Love For Ramen

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