Daily SG: 11 Jul 2017

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International Affairs

– The Conversation: As an historic nuclear weapons treaty is reached, G20 leaders miss the mark on North Korea

History of Singapore

– MothershipSG: Kitaro & Led Zeppelin could not perform in S’pore in the 1970s because of a hair campaign
– MothershipSG: Pirate taxis had their heyday in the 1960s, were the Uber & Grab of their day
– The Online Citizen: Singapore wasn’t “kicked out” of Malaysia: Albatross files gives us a better understanding of moment in history

Daily Disclosure

– SAYS: Young Malaysians Tell Us The Honest Truth About What It’s Like To Work In Singapore
– Thoughts of Real Singaporeans: Independent scholar Derek da Cunha recounted a conference where Kishore Mahbubani apologised after he was lampooned for criticising Western powers.

We Want Human LGBT Rights

– The Online Citizen: Why Pink Dot is necessary

Meet the Parents

– theAsianparent: Mother shares story of how excessive gadget use caused her daughter to have seizures

Investment Matters

– The Motley Fool: What Does SIA Engineering Company Ltd Do and How Does it Make its Money?

Bread and Butter

– Dollars and Sense: Find Out How Much Today’s MRT Downtime Cost You
– Singsaver: Does Every Singaporean Need Disability Income Insurance?

Technology Bytes

– Alvinology: How to read Facebook messages without being “Seen”
– e27: Facial biometric authentication, the future of the tech industry?

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