Daily SG: 14 Sept 2017

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History of Singapore

– MothershipSG: Japan formally surrendered 72 years ago, marking the end of Japanese Occupation of S’pore

Daily Disclosure

– RSIS: CO17166 | The Humanitarian Access Paradox: Data Security in Contested Settings
– Asian Correspondent: Rohingya crisis: Al Qaeda calls for Muslims to ‘punish’ Burma
– Yahoo News Singapore: SDP files lawsuit against Singapore government for not calling Marsiling-Yew Tee by-election
– Must Share News: Classifying S’poreans By Race Was Invented By The British, And Used To Divide Populace: Historian Thum Ping Tjin

Presidential Election

– Yee Jenn Jong: First World Country, Third World Democracy
– The Online Citizen: Dr Tan Cheng Bock: Walkover troubles Singaporeans
– The Middle Ground: PE2017: President-elect Halimah reserves comments
– Must Share News: Since We Couldn’t Vote In The 2017 Presidential Election, Somebody’s Created An Online Poll
– The Middle Ground: PE2017: Salleh Marican’s three bugbears about the PE
– The Cynical Investor: What walkover means for Hali’s presidency
– The Online Citizen: PPP: When victory is declared on a battle not fought, there is no glory nor dignity
– The Independent SG: Silent sit-in protest against Reserved Presidential Elections to be held on Saturday
– Must Share News: Halimah Yacob Now Has A Hashtag In Common With US President Donald Trump

Technology Bytes

– Tech In Asia: Opinion: Apple’s iPhone X storage options are a cruel joke
– Tech In Asia: : Nets makes its pitch to upgrade Singapore’s epayments landscape
– Vulcan Post: 5 Things You Need To Know About The iPhone X – Apple’s Smartphone From The Future
– Blog@Cripperz.sg: Gmail and other popular Google services experienced a partial service outage at a very bad time
– Money Smart SG: Cashless Payments in Singapore – 7 Reasons Why Merchants Should Get Onboard
– Tech In Asia: Nets makes its pitch to upgrade Singapore’s epayments landscape

Singapore Food Paradise

– Foodography: Boca Restaurant

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